Movies Day 2

1) Joseph J. Burrascano Jr. MD

Lyme Borreliosis: Treatment and Case Histories

2) Dr. Edward B. Breitschwerdt, DVM

Bartonellosis: A One Health Approach to An Emerging Infectious Disease

3) Richard I. Horowitz, MD

Why Can´t I Get Better? Using the Lyme-MSIDS Map in Chronic Illness.

4) Eva Sapi, Ph.D

Biofilms and antibiotic resistance of Borrelia burgdorferi

5) Randi Eikeland, Ph.D, MD

European Neuroborreliosis Long-term Follow-up

6) Åshild Andreassen, Ph.D

ScandTick – Regional cooperation against tick-borne diseases.

7) Alan MacDonald, MD

Human Borrelia Deaths, Autopsy studies, and Chronic Morbidities

8) Judith Miklossy, Ph.D, MD, DSc

Chronic Lyme disease and Lyme dementia

9) Panel discussion