Photos from the NorVect Conference 2015

2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (16)



2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (19)

Registration. Volunteers helping out.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (46)

Hostess: Lise Akvik


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (10)

Program for everyone


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (22)

The President and Vice Chairman of NorVect hold the opening speech


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (12)

Dr. Stricker starts out.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (29)

Dr. Stricker on Lyme disease history and evolution of tick-borne diseases.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (38)

Dr. Cameron presents: Essentials for Lyme disease diagnostics and evidence-based treatment.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (5)



2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (94)

Conference Hall. Dr. Schwarzbach presents: Tick-borne coinfections – A European overview



Dr. Schwarzbach presents: Tick-borne coinfections – A European overview


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (80)

Dr. Steven Phillips explores the evidence for chronic infection in Lyme disease


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (341)

Dr. Joe Ekgren and Prof. Zhang


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (340)

Angelica Johansson from the Swedish Lyme Association


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (99)

First round of Q & A on day 1 with Dr. Schwarzbach, Dr. Cameron, Dr. Stricker and Dr. Phillips


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (368)

Prof. Gad Baneth presents on Babesiosis, Ehlichiosis and Filarisis


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (150)

Prof. Baneth first talk: “Babesiosis – A group of tick borne protozoal diseases with zoonotic importance”


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (162)

Prof. Baneth talks with NorVect president


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (64)

Dr. Cameron and Chantal Perrin


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (329)

The audience focusing on the presentations being held


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (328)

Audience, Dr.Heiko Santelmann, Prof. Per Løkken


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (275)

Audience, NorVect President and founder


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (327)

Audience, Venke Midtlien


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (326)

Audience, Malin Davidsson


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (325)

Dr. Raphael Stricker and Prof. Garth Nicolson


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (183)

Dr. Randi Eikeland holds a presentation on The Norwegian National Advisory Unit on tick-borne diseases.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (182)

Dr. Randi Eikeland presents her team


Harald Reiso

Dr. Harald Reiso presents the new project BorrSci.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (187)

Dr. Harald Reiso


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (203)

Panel debate day 1: From left: Prof Kempf, Dr. Schwarzbach, Dr. Reiso, Dr. Eikeland, Dr. Stricker, Dr. Phillips, Prof. Nicolson


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (208)

Panel debate day 1: From left: Prof Kempf, Dr. Schwarzbach, Dr. Reiso, Dr. Eikeland, Dr. Stricker, Dr. Phillips, Prof. Nicolson, Prof. Baneth


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (209)

Dr. Schwarzbach and Dr. Eikeland


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (266)

Prof. Zhang presents on Borrelia persister drugs that can give improved treatment outcome


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (267)

Prof. Zhang presents on Borrelia persister drugs that can give improved treatment outcome


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (256)

Prof. Armin Alaedini holds the presentation: “Immunologic mechanisms in the persistence of symptoms in Lyme disease”.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (254)

Prof. Armin Alaedini


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (176)

Q & A at doctor’s corner


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (174)

Doctor’s corner


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (276)

Q & A Day 2 with Prof. Zhang, Dr. Mozayeni and Prof. Alaedini


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (253)

Svein Høegh Henrichsen from the Directorate of Health (middle) in discussions with Prof. Per Løkken and Dr. Randi Eikeland.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (249)

Representatives from The Norwegian Lyme Association (NLBF) and the Lyme organization in Holland


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (248)

Hanne and AnnaBelle trying to get everyone back from the breaks


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (32)

Christian Kaulbach, Vice Chairman of NorVect


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (242)

Dr. Nes and Prof Løkken trying to understand the mysteries of chronic vector-borne diseases.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (310)

Dr. Pouremamali enjoying lunch in the marvelous location at Fornebu


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (241)

Dr Ekgren and Dr. Cameron discussing at the Doctor’s corner.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (238)

Dr. Eikeland


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (237)

Presentation from Dr. Brian Fallon on neuropsychiatric Lyme disease


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (231)

Prof Audun Stubhaug (left) is one of the top experts in Norway on pain management


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (306)



2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (199)



2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (73)

NorVect president and Lise Askvik


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (198)

Prof Kempf and Prof Baneth


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (235)

Dr. Mozayeni presents: “Bartonella: Clinical expression of small vessel disease, treatment experience and overlap with Lyme disease.”


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (234)

Dr. Mozayeni


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (189)

Dr. Cameron and Prof Zhang


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (178) -2

Dr. Shoemaker on “Correlation of volumetric brain imaging with Western blot testing for Lyme disease” (over skype)


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (137)

Prof Volkhard Kempf: “Bartonella: Sticky lollipops and Angiogenesis.”


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (166)

Prof. Kempf and Dr. Eikeland


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (354)

Christian, Siw and Dr. Neil Nathan preparing on stage


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (323)

Dr. Nathan on “Rebooting: A new paradigm for complex medical issues in chronically ill patients” and “Mold toxicity and methylation in chronic Lyme patients”


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (333)

Siw and Dr. Nathan


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (136)



2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (131)

Prof. Zhang taking notes


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (129)



2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (123)

Prof. Nicolson talks about the mitochondrial function in chronic infectious diseases


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (101)

Stig Nitter Foss reading the program


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (84)

Prof. Laane preparing for his talk


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (344)

Prof Laane talks about silent Babesia infections in Norway



Dr Csango presents: “Molecular detection of tick-borne bacteria in ticks in southern Norway”.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (350)

Prof Yegemberdiyeva on tick-borne diseases in Kasakhstan.


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (95)

Prof Schwarzbach


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (91)



2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (75)Audience


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (62)Representatives from NLBF, Grete Nilsen and Carl Erik Semb


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (59)Prof. Stubhaug


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (314)The Tulip and Ostrich Award


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (320)Dr. Dr. Luneng receives the Tulip Award



Prof. Baneth


Cameron, NorVect

Dr. Cameron


Csango, NorVect

Dr Csango



Dr. Eikeland


Hansson, NorVect

President and Founder of NorVect


Kaulbach, NorVect

Vice Chairman of NorVect, Christian Kaulbach



Kempf, NorVect

Prof. Volkhard Kempf


Laane, NorVect

Prof. Laane


Nathan, NorVect

Dr. Neil Nathan


Nicolson, NorVect

Prof. Garth Nicolson


Phillips, NorVect

Dr. Steven Philllips


Schwarzbach, NorVect

Dr. Schwarzbach


Stricker, NorVect

Dr. Raphael Stricker


Yegemberdiyeva, NorVect

Prof. Yegemberdiyeva


Zhang, NorVect

Prof. Zhang


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (51)

Hostess: Lise Askvik


Alle foredragsholdere

All speakers and NorVect team gathered


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (358)

Thanks to our speakers and to our sponsors: Kavlifondet, Norsk Lyme Borreliose forening, Fred Olsen & co, GC Rieber Fondene, Njål Hansson AS, Borrelia och TBE Föreningen i Sverige and ILADS. To read more about our partners, go to their homepages or se this link


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (360)

Thank you Lise Askvik


2015NorVect_Fornebu_FERDIGEfiler_NR (367)

Thank you NorVect team and volunteers


Photo: Geir Dokken