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Babesia discovered in a high percentage of Belgian patients!

In a new study from January 2015, published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infection,
199 anonymous patients from Belgium with known tick bite and symptoms of vector-borne disease were tested for Babesia using Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test.

The serological screen detected positive reactivity in 9% (n = 18) against B. microti, 33.2% (n = 66) against B. divergens, and 39.7% (n = 79) Babesia sp. EU1, respectively.

Read the study here:

“A retrospective serological survey on human babesiosis in Belgium.”


Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test

The picture is an example of  and Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test which is also used for malaria antibody detection, a parasite similar to Babesia. (Picture from Centers of Disease Control and Prevention)