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Take a Bite Out of Lyme Disease

The “Take a Bite Out of Lyme Disease” Challenge kicks off tomorrow March 1st, 2015. The purpose is to raise awareness and funding for improved Lyme Disease diagnosis and treatment.


Lyme disease challenge




Are you in? GREAT!!

Then follow the three easy steps below and donate $10 to ILADS. Prefer not to take the bite? That’s okay too! Donate $100 to ILADS instead.

1. TAKE A BITE: Bite a lime and TAKE A PHOTO OR A SHORT VIDEO of the act!


2. SHARE A FACT: State ONE BRIEF FACT ABOUT LYME DISEASE. You can say them in your video, write them on your photo, or include them in your post. Help us spread the true facts about Lyme Disease!


3. PASS IT ON: Keep the campaign going — CHALLENGE THREE OTHER PEOPLE – your friends, family, whomever! – to take a bite! Mention them in your video or if you do a photo tag them in your post.


For more information, go to  here


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Norvect Conference Program

Program Monday May 26th 2014

7.45 am – 9.00 am


9.00 am – 9.10 am

Welcome by NorVect

Trine Skei Grande (Liberal Party, Venstre) gives opening speech

9.10 am – 10.10 am

Joseph J. Burrascano Jr. MD
Lyme Borreliosis – History, Clinical Presentations, Testing and Diagnosis (incl. 5-10 minutes Q&A)

10.10 am – 11.05 am

Jyotsna Shah, Ph.D, CCLD, MBA
What Have We Learnt About Diagnosis of Lyme and Other Tick-borne Diseases in The Last 20 Years? (incl. 5-10 minutes Q&A)

11.05 am– 11.25 am


11.25 am– 12.35am

Richard I. Horowitz, MD
Tick-borne Co-infections: Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment. (incl. 5-10 minutes Q&A)

12.35 pm– 1.35 pm

Lunch – networking, knowledge sharing

1.35 pm – 2.35 pm

Christian Perrone, PhD, MD
The gap between current diagnostic tests for Lyme disease and associated diseases and the diversity of pathogens isolated in the world.(incl. 5- 10 minutes Q&A)

2.35 pm – 3.05 pm

Carl Morten Motzfeldt Laane, PhD
Easy Detection of Bacteria and Parasites in Infected Human Blood by Microscopy. Some Simple, Low-cost Methods. (incl. 5 minutes Q&A)

3.05 pm – 2.30 pm

Bela Bózsik, MD
DualDur®reagent & method in diagnosis & pathogenesis for TBD – 30 years practice (incl. 5 minutes Q&A)

3.25 pm – 3.45 pm


3.45 pm – 4.25 pm

Alan MacDonald, MD
Borrelia -diverse Morphologies in culture and in Human Infections (incl 10 minutes Q&A)

4.25 pm– 4.45 pm

Armin Schwarzbach, Ph.D, MD
Borrelia-Elispot: A Game-Changer in diagnostics?

4.45 pm– 5.30 pm

Dialogue/ Panel discussions

Program Tuesday May 27th 2014

07.30 – 08.30 am


08.30 – 09.30 am

Joseph J. Burrascano Jr. MD
Lyme Borreliosis: Treatment and Case Histories (incl.10 minutes Q&A)

09.30 – 11.15 am

Richard I. Horowitz, MD
Why Can´t I Get Better? Using the Lyme-MSIDS Map in Chronic Illness. (incl. 10-15 minutes Q&A)

11.15 – 11.30 am


11.30 am – 12.30 pm

Dr. Edward B. Breitschwerdt, DVM
Bartonellosis: A One Health Approach to An Emerging Infectious Disease (incl. 10 minutes Q&A)

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm

Lunch – networking, knowledge sharing

1.30 pm – 1.55 pm

Åshild Andreassen, Ph.D
ScandTick – Regional cooperation against tick-borne diseases. (incl. 5 minutes Q&A)

1.55 pm – 2.45 pm

Eva Sapi, Ph.D
Biofilms and antibiotic resistance of Borrelia burgdorferi (incl. 5-10 minutes Q&A)

2.45 pm – 3.25 pm

Alan MacDonald, MD
Human Borrelia Deaths, Autospy studies, and Chronic Morbidities (incl. 10 minutes Q&A).

3.25 pm– 3.40 pm


3.40 pm – 4.30 pm

Judith Miklossy, Ph.D, MD, DSc
Chronic Lyme disease and Lyme dementia (incl. 5-10 minutes Q&A)

4.30 pm – 4.50 pm

Randi Eikeland, Ph.D, MD
European Neuroborreliosis Long-term Follow-up

4.50 pm – 5.30 pm

Dialogue/ Panel discussion