About NorVect

About NorVect – The Nordic Network for Vector-borne Diseases

NorVect is a Nordic non-profit organization, dedicated to building and sharing vital knowledge about vector-borne diseases – particularly in the fields of diagnostics and treatment – across our countries.

In cooperation with authorities and other interest groups, we arrange knowledge-leading seminars, conferences, and events covering leading international research and insights on vector-borne diseases.

In doing so, we strive to create a platform for continuous improvement, and for an open and constructive dialogue between patients, their families, health practitioners, authorities, and politicians alike.

NorVect is founded and run solely by patient advocates with the desire to make a difference.
Focus on research, focus on dialogue, and focus on the patients are the cornerstones of our organization.

Contact information


Business Registration Number: 912 793 826

Account information

Account number: 1503 42 48505
IBAN: NO 15 1503 42 48505


The Objectives of NorVect:
Emphasis on Research – Emphasis on Dialogue – Emphasis on the Patient

The field of vector-borne diseases still presents many unsolved mysteries. It encompasses complex illnesses and embraces various disciplines. One of NorVect’s objectives is to build and share the most recent international research on vector-borne diseases across our countries. Our wish is that the authorities and the medical communities express openness, curiosity, participation and a desire to drive knowledge creation nationally and internationally. An essential part of knowledge creation is to strive for dialogue and co-operation. Sharing knowledge across medical disciplines, medical communities and national borders can be the foundation to move forward, develop new insights and commence potential future co-operations. Being an organization, solely run by patients, one of our objectives is also to focus on the patients’ needs.The aid towards patients suffering from vector-borne diseases has been insufficiently addressed over the last decades, and we believe that increased knowledge and awareness on how the various vector-borne diseases affect patients, ultimately will lead to patients being heard, seen and helped.



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